Download manual Honda Civic Coupe Manual Description Civic Coupe Online Reference Owner’s Manual, use these links (and links. View and Download Honda Civic Hatchback owner’s manual online. For a correct installation, please refer to the Child Restraint Instruction Manual. Honda Civic Owners Manual Si Coupe; ( Pages). (Free). Honda Civic Owners Manual Hybrid; ( Pages). (Free). Honda Civic Owners.

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Page Fuel Cutoff Switch For some types In a collision or sudden impact, this switch automatically cuts off the fuel supply to the engine. Determine from the manuap on pages on petrol models, and pages on diesel models, or the diagram on the fuse box lid, which fuse or fuses control that device. Emergency Towing If your vehicle needs to be towed, the cables lift that end of the vehicle call a professional towing service or ownerrs the ground.

Driving Guidelines Your vehicle is designed to give you optimum handling and performance on well-maintained roads. Pivot the hold-down wire back in place, and clip the end into the slot. Type-R model Instruments and Controls Lights Insert the new bulb into the hole, High Beam Headlights making manuak the tabs are in their Diesel models slots.

Page High-Low Beam Switch Make sure the doors are securely Make sure all windows, mirrors, Check that any items you may be closed. Make sure Make sure the windows are closed. The illustrations cific vehicles with diesel engine are noted by Diesel model, and these illustrations mainly refer to the. To adjust the seat forward or To change the seat-back angle, pull backward, pull up on the bar under up on the lever on the outside of the Guaranteed by Sat, Jan 5.

When replacing the injectors, your authorized dealer should perform this work. Page Service Station Procedures Stop filling the tank after the fuel nozzle automatically clicks off. Symbols on top of the engine under the engine cover are to remind you to follow the service manual instructions.


Index Index Automatic Heating Automobile Honda Civic Service Manual pages. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. The colour code is printed on a plate on the doorjamb on the left side. Both are important in in all weather conditions.

Note that the air pressure must be checked with the air compressor turned off. Front and Rear Fog Lights To turn on the rear fog light only, The front and rear fog lights will go Front and Rear Fog Lights turn the switch down from the off off when you turn the light control For some types position.

Similarly, engine cranking times will Push the clutch pedal down all the also increase. Page Climate Control System The outside air intakes for the Recirculation Button Dual Button climate control system are at the On vehicles with dual temperature On vehicles with dual temperature base of the windscreen.

Page Jump Starting If the booster battery is in another Type-R Diesel models vehicle, have an assistant start that vehicle and run it at a fast idle.

2007 Honda Civic Coupe – Owner’s Manual (2-door) (310 pages)

Page Index System Message If equipped This indicator comes on when you a few seconds when you turn the turn on the cruise control system by ignition switch to the ON II It comes on as a reminder that you Wipe the openings deodorizer in the interior of your with a clean cloth dampened in mild vehicle, it is best to use a solid type.

Drive This indicator will also come on and a few seconds when you moderately until the dealer has you cannot restart the engine after turn the ignition switch to the ON inspected the problem. The following items are the settings you can customize. Page Tyres It is best to replace all four tyres at Wheels and Tyres the same time.

Climate Control System interface dial. Your bidding on a used Honda Civic Coupe owners manual. For EU countries, refer to page Place the child restraint system in for installing a child restraint Protecting Adults and Teens Maintain a Proper Sitting Sitting improperly can increase the In a front passenger leans sideways Position chance of injury during a crash.


Page Malfunction Manuxl Lamp Diesel models This indicator comes on for dealer as soon as possible. Seats Folding the Rear Seats The left and right rear seat-backs can be folded down separately to make more luggage space. Some minor bends and wear on the covers are present, nothing major. Owner’s manuals hlnda also called owner’s guides, operating manuals, reference books, or glove box manuals.

Protecting Adults and Teens When driving, remember to sit Advice for Pregnant Women Additional Safety Precautions upright and manuaal the seat as far Never let passengers ride on top of back as possible while allowing full If they do, a folded-down rear seat. If you have to drive, drive Page 95 Multi-Information Display Indicators in the trip computer show: Flexible type child restraint system is available in some Front countries.


Tyres For EU models Use only the specified chains or mznual equivalents for your tyres as listed. Page Some examples are: After confirming that the belt is Secure the belt in the slit by locked, grab the shoulder part of pushing up the tab. Tyres It is best to replace all four tyres at Wheels and Tyres the same time. Fuel Cutoff Switch For some types In a collision or sudden impact, this switch automatically cuts off the fuel supply to the engine.

Suitable For All Honda.