Though more staid (i.e. European) and fantastical (i.e. science fictional), J.G. Ballard’s collection Vermilion Sands nevertheless takes a. It’s a thematic collection, with all stories centred around Ballard’s futuristic Vermilion Sands resort, which, according to my Panther edition. Vermilion Sands: J.G. Ballard: Sands; these were collected in Vermilion Sands (). His short-story collection War Fever () contains humorously.

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Fans will not be disappointed, don’t know about the other lot. To ask other readers questions about Vermilion Sandsplease sign up. In my opinion, taken as a whole, this collection is Ballagd best work.

Of course, Ballard might have mixed parts of several systems. They look like the perfect homestead for das Man.

Vermilion Sands (1971)

Made by someone obsessed with Twin Peaks, but getting things just a little off, it includes sadistic and voyeuristic killings of women which I should find appalling. I’ve been pr I’ve never read J.

It is time to take him at his word and see where they lead.

Like the atmosphere within the villa itself, her personality lacked all focus and her real attention was elsewhere. The reality on offer here is a construct, a canvas for the male relator.

Vermilion Sands () | JG Ballard at the British Library | Books | The Guardian

This page was last edited on 22 Julyat It’s no accident that David Cronenberg turned out to be vermil,ion perfect director for Crash: This is the male gaze reduced to the raw.


There’s a tendency in these stories- and I don’t think it’s really that implausible- to literally give these things human characteristics, and can I just say that while I know these stories aren’t supposed to be cautionary this freaks me out like a lot.

Vermilion Sands by J. Refresh and try again. Dec 30, Byron ‘Giggsy’ Paul rated it liked it Shelves: Possibly my favourite Ballard book. Even now, you must speak and act carefully lest you be noticed and thereby elicit some bizarre act of violence. Vermilion Sands is a collection of science fiction short stories by British writer J.

Ballard came to be associated with the New Wave of science fiction early in his career with apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic novels such as The Drowned WorldThe Burning Worldand The Vermiloion World I’m not sure why.

Metal sculptures that sing symphonies and grow endlessly, spurred on by an ineluctable survival instinct. This is echoed throughout Vermilion Sands. Others had felted, their edges curled and blackened like dead banana skins. Sep 02, Hrafn H. There is no reason to think he has changed his mind since. May 17, Jamie rated it liked it.

I’ve been pretty much glued to the collection since then. It’s a fascinating scene and the stories that surround these moody settings are also interesting, somewhat emotionless, but still keep you reading to see how they resolve.

Vermilion Sands

Hope, however, was unaware of these snide asides. This could be taken figuratively to mean that the subject matter of the field should be psychological. In the late s and early s Ballard focused on a James Graham “J.

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Ballard himself has provided some clues in interviews and nonfiction that suggest a productive approach. There is something mesmeric about the cartoonish manner with which these characters are drawn, as if to accentuate the altered state underpinning the materializing subconscious landscape.

The traces of man trapped in artefacts, at times more alive than actual characters and certainly much more alluring to them than the originals walking around, is what drives the mini-narratives. Portrait of the Artist as a Jung Man: A whole set of unconscious mythologies are nestled and locked into one another to produce this individual, who will then spend the whole of his life evolving and fulfilling the private mythology for himself, and setting it Vermilion Sands is a fully automated desert-resort designed to fulfill the most exotic whims of the idle rich, but now languishes in uneasy decay, populated only by forgotten movie queens, solitary impresarios and the remittance men of the artistic and literary world.

But I do agree that Vermilion Sands is a deeper work than, say, The Drowned World or The Drought, both of which are the equivalent of one of the short story ideas unpacked at novel length.