BZRK is a book series written by Michael Grant. The series consists of four books: BZRK, BZRK II: Reloaded, BZRK III: Apocalypse and BZRK: Origins The series. BZRK. Author: Michael Grant. Publisher: Electric Monkey But a shadowy group of nanobot hackers known as BZRK are fighting a war against the Armstrong. BZRK by Michael Grant is science fiction at its best; it looks at emerging technologies and makes us think about the implications they may.

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I found bzri characters very believable and it was easy to feel for them and understand their emotions. This is great fiction. I can’t wait for the sequel!

If you enjoyed the hard-hitting action-packed writing of Michael Grant in BRZKyou will love his epic science fiction series, which starts with Gone. Is freedom something worth fighting for, even when that means that people will continue to make wrong choices?

Book Review: BZRK by Michael Grant

A young man sits in a room in a mental hospital, occasionally he will utter a few words, including the word berserk, over and over again. Michael Grant is the author of the popular Gone series and fans will not be disappointed. How far grabt you go to win? And once or twice a week I go on at random times to chat with fans.

This is a cross-genre gem that will creep out the young and old, and is a must-read for anyone who enjoys a good spine-tingle with heavy doses of uneasy reality. Grant points the lens now to a father and his son on bzrj private jet. BZRK has some of the most amazing action scenes and as a thriller it does indeed thrill.


Sadie’s family is killed by the bad guys speaking of which, we never find out why, specially since the baddies needed her father so much for something?

The near-future technology is imagined beautifully–the battlefields of BZRK are what we would get–will get–when predator drones and nanotechnology converge. If you are a newbie to Michael Grant’s novels as well then I recommend checking out this series now as it begins as well as his famous GONE series. A Library Journal Movers and Shaker: There is so much to see here.

After a tense interaction between the two brothers, Alex begins to mutter–then shout over and over the word “Berserk! Once you got your head into this, it was a fast thriller that played out on two levels: Thanks micuael telling us about the problem.

BZRK Book 2 : Reloaded

Weapons are deployed on the nano-level. Unfortunately, I’ll just stick to finishing the Gone series, though I’m not sure how that’s going to cope with two more books on the way – sometimes authors just don’t know when to quit I’m looking at you, Richelle Mead. This will also be a good readalike for those interested in books about video gaming.

I had to flip several michhael back to remember who did what, and who were on the BZRK team. Twins Charles and Benjamin are joined at the hip literally and embarrassed by their deformity, they decide to make the world a better place — where people would not have to feel pain or sorrow because their emotions would be controlled for them.


Book Review: BZRK by Michael Grant « Read Alert | State Library of Victoria

This and the reality of nano technology really spoke to our judges. So now it’s just going to be incoherent rambling. One that involves nanobots and microscopic biots being used to fight for control over the minds of the world’s most important figures. Do tohoto zmatku jsou vhozeni Sadie a Noah.

Since then, Michael and his wife have written roughly books. I have taken a liking to almost every one of them, even when I shouldn’t be rooting for them. Well, basically this is what this book is about. Bugman who works for the twins is just a teenage boy like you and me, the teenage you will be like or how you were like.

But this is also very much a series about Noah and Saide — all that they have lost, and what they are wading into by joining BZRK. And while these may seem very much dependent on a sci-fi concept, they raise a lot of questions about our world today in my opinion.