James Gleick is an American author and historian of science whose work has chronicled the . E Notes. ^ Doctorow, Cory (March 24, ). “James Gleick’s tour-de-force: The Information, a natural history of information theory”. Boing Boing. Few writers distinguish themselves by their ability to write about complicated, even obscure topics clearly and engagingly. In Chaos, James Gleick, a former. Start by marking “Caos: a criação de uma nova ciência” as Want to Read: In Chaos, James Gleick, a former science writer for the New York Times, shows that .

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The way caoss see it depends on how you look at it. Feb 05, Brad Lyerla rated it it was ok. Then, for no reason whatsoever, it shifts into a different sort of behavior, still fluctuating but producing caso different average. I admit, about 40 or so pages in I almost stopped reading. Fractal canopy Space-filling curve H tree.

Jan 29, Ian19 rated it really liked it. In an apparent coincidence, a small number of unrelated people became interested in studying aperiodic, non-linear problems arising in various fields of science all at roughly the same time. These men and women crossed academic disciplines of math, physics. However, Gleick gave proof how a new science could be created from just a simple, nonlinear equation.

With the introduction to chaos theory, Gleick gives a wide variety of historical anecdotes involving various scientists across borders and scientific disciplines who have observed the phenomenon but haven’t been able to nail it. gleck

James Gleick: «La información es un instinto básico, como el sexo o la comida» –

That being said, this felt like a good introduction to the early history caps scientists’ efforts to understand and explain nonlinear systems and the apparent chaotic behavior observed in natural and man-made systems. Gleick would pull in at least three different people in just one chapter, so it is hard to keep track with the subject.


While its purpose is introductory and there’s little math, per se, I think the underlying profundities will be more obvious to readers who have taken a college-level math course or two or three. It is important not just in physics or mathematics, but astronomy, climatology, biology, even economics. That is probably one of the reasons it did so well.

Glelck Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ofertaremos por ti el monto justo para mantenerte a la delantera. View all 15 comments. Mar 25, Lemar rated it it was amazing Shelves: A History, a Theory, a Flood.

For new doctoral students, there were no mentors in chaos theory, no jobs, no journals cals to chaos theory. With it, he became the father of Chaos and its theories. A good history I guess, I’m now all fired up to read textbooks on this stuff: Most items are shipped by US Postal Service.

The system is deterministic, but you can’t say what it’s glejck to do next. Edward Lorenz was an MIT meteorologist who decided to do something no other scientists had done before: Cataloging his changes in another graph, he created a simple, nonlinear system to represent the data. This is jame book for an advanced HS senior or an average college Freshman. The narration becomes easier to follow and t A great introduction to new readers of the subject. Gleick was elected president of the Authors Guild in The Information, a natural history of information theory”.

No equations and lots of graphs, but that’s just to make sure the general public isn’t scared away. But ultimately none of this is going to be the lasting impact of this book. His narrative is compelling, yes, the stories are interesting, sure, but he doesn’t grab the central characters as well as a new journalist like John McPhee does.



James Gleick

Overall, I did enjoy the book and will probably watch for more by this author. Then, you may wind up contemplating how much of that migration was due to Jeff Goldblum’s ham-fisted illustrations in “Jurassic Park”. He moved to Minneapolis and helped dee an alternative weekly newspaperMetropolis. In my opinion, I found Chaos: This is not a purely technical book.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Of the three, the only one that we can see and play with is chaos. From the flight patterns of flocks of birds, to heart arrhythmia, to vaos market fluctuation to the coast of Alaska, the underlying patterns can be revealed in this wonderful branch of science.

The first two pages are quite good, before rapidly declining to dullness and staying there.

Retrieved 3 June Letting loose confusion and frustration on all those who dare to search for it. Monto de la oferta actual. In any event, there is no reason to read it now.

Having said that it is highly advised to google the terms described in the book, like ‘fractal …more Not to the extent that you will miss the point. With that, James Gleick decided to chronicle these scientists and their findings kames Chaos: Want to Read Currently Reading Read. It wasn’t an easy read, and many of the concepts in the book are still a puzzle to me, but I enjoyed it.

The narration becomes easier to follow and the scientific disciplines converge.