The benefits are immense! That is because it is special unlike any other texts, I’ll explain shortly. ‘durgA saptashatI’ is the ONLY paurANika-text which is used as. It is, however, a long tradition that one reads the devi-bhagavatam or the devi mahatmyam (Durga saptashati, verses on Durga) during this period. Devi Mahatmyam, Devi Suktham, Durga Saptashati, Yaa Devi Sarva Bhuteshu, Chandi Patha and Roopam dehi, jayam dehi Mantra are discussed in details.

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Special Broadcast on Shravan Somvar. A continual anxiety prevailed in which the vision of success or failure recurred to me day and night.

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All they have to do is Google search “Durga Saptashati”. When we thought we are going back to old place within 3 months, Durga Amma made me and my husband to stay for three and half years and still we are in the same place. I have therefore, decided to tell you chand what effects the recitation of Saptashati had on me over the last 30 years. Thus, Chandi represents the Shakti of Brahman. Some call the Stotra Saptashati considering the set: It should be noted that during Akshara Nyasa and Yantra lekhana, all letters should be used along with the Bindu.

Speak if You Must, But By this, one obtains the Siddhi of the mantra saptawhati grace of Sri Chandika Parameshwari. Look at your past desires, how many of them were such transient and petty desires that you yourself could not remember after a few hours or a few days, not to speak in the context of your entire life?


It is best to start such a recitation on a Sunday and complete it on a Saturday. He observed my restlessness and asked me some pointed questions. On the Navami day, dashamsha Homa adding Swaha at the end of the mantradashamsha Tarpana adding ‘Chandika Tripyatu’ at the end of the mantra and Dashamsha Brahmana Bhojana are to be done. The Sruti says, “mahadbhayaM vajramudyataM’, wherein the word ‘vajra’ means not any weapon but the supreme Brahman.

However, I found myself avidly pursuing the highest position in the Government at the cost of remaining constantly in strife. The recitation of Chandi in Srishti, Sthiti or Samhara karmas depends on Kamanabheda and the procedures for the same have to be learnt from the Guru.

Shri Durga Saptashati | Devi Mahatmya with Sanskrit Lyrics and Video Song

If you have not read the Saptashati yet, next Monday, the beginning of Shaardeeya Nav-Ratri is the most pious day to acquire it with English and Hindi translations and start the new spiritual beginning. The Bijas should be written in a clockwise pattern, from right to the left.

The rest of the Bijas are written in the Shatkona starting from the east. From being a human to divine What is “Durga Saptashati?

She will guide us without any doubt. My Pitri-Paksha Special Broadcast. From that readingi am reading Durga Saptashati on every Nav-Ratri without fail and with no demands to Goddess Durga. One may perform Prayogas only after the Purascharana is complete and permission to do so is granted by Sri Guru.


One may perform a minimum of 4 lakhs of Japa and then perform dashamsha homa with Payasanna. Stories you may want to read. By reciting Navarna mantra at the beginning and end of every Shloka, mantra Siddhi is obtained fast.

The other method for Purashcharana is to start the Japa from the Agni Tithi Pratipat of Ashwayuja and chant 9 lakhs of the mantra till Ashtami. It is permissible to learn the Stotra by heart and recite the same with folded hands, without using a book.

However, the root of Saptashati is Vaidika in that it purports to be a commentary on the two Rig Vaidika hymns included at its beginning and end: One should not hold the book in the hand and recite but instead should place the book on an AdhAra. Lucky and Unlucky Zodiac Signs for Varahi Tantra is the Pramana for this statement. It is found in the Markendeya Purana comprising the 13 chapters from I decided to follow his instruction religiously.