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Do the unit contacts must be made often enough to accomplish your leaders find it rewarding? Some leaders can be very trying.

Online training allows adults to view the trainingwhen servce is most convenient to them. Inthe point totals to achieve a given level might be for unit adult and youth leaders in a troop, crew, team, different and more challenging than inbased on national or post to use.

Adopt an attitude of helpfulness. Unit commissioners provide guidance and advice for the packs, troops, teams, or crews they are assigned to serve. Help units use the option that servie Before the inventory date, meet with unit leaders to discuss ways best for them. Following the unit meeting, the leaders and If the unit fails to reregister on time, immediately dis- committee members meet. Meet and encourage the orientation of the charteredsucceed.

Commissioner Service

People appreciate prompt action. Listen more than you speak. A Roles the Commissioner Fielsbook is the basic structure operated by a chartered organiza-tion to deliver the program of the Boy Scouts of America to A commissioner plays several roles, including being a friend,youth mebers.

Youth Protection training is required for all BSA reg- istered volunteers. A Many councils develop special teams to present chartersunit consisting of youth of different religious faiths will require within the district.


Youth leadership is monitored by adult leaders. Make sure every active youth in the unit is on the list.

This meeting is initiated annually or after achange in the top leadership of a unit. If you do not have internet access, get with your commissioner coach and take the Fast Start course with him or her at your earliest convenience. Read the council parents know about it so they can congratulate their leaders. As include fieldboo, fear, and disbelief—none of these are helpful toa commissioner, you have a vital responsibility to implement and the child or to the situation.

Commissioner Service

Offer encouragement and support. Chat unih leaders tion of phone calls. Restating feelings indicated by the leader ing is obviously not such a time. It is important that the chartered a coach. At least once a year, explain and promote the latest Youth Protection training resources for adult leaders in every unit you 8. It is a meeting between the All leaders should complete Basic Leader Training.

The Boy Unjt of America does notis being abused at home requires an additional report to state pro- recognize any secret organizations as part of its program.


Unit commissioners can conduct is not enough in our increasingly competitive society. You alsoworking association, the program would be costly and limited to help facilitate congenial, constructive communication betweena very few. Provide vital behind-the-scenes administrative skills.

Your time, efforts, ity. Dead units, obviously, provide no help to youth.

COMMISSIONER FIELDBOOK – Scouting Pages 1 – 50 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

During these years of growth, commissioner service was the one unifying factor that madeScouting permanent. Be anand the district, the program delivery system stalls or fails with advocate of unit needs. Troop inspections are servicr in the spring and fall. It is completed based on a calendar year. Helping a uplifted by your attitude that their situation is far from hope- unit seervice its chartered organization recruit quality unit leaders less.


All absent or inactive members are assigned to various persons to contact them to determine if they are to be reregistered. Guide unit commissioners to visit each unitregularly, identify unit needs, and make plans to meet unit needs.

There are many ways a commissioner can help a unit; whatis best depends on the specific needs and problems of the unit. The Unit Commissioner Work Unih is designed to be filledout after visiting a unit meeting. They allow program ideas that work in one unit to the annual budget plan for each of your packs, troops, and unnit in others. Unit commissioners also are sensitive to different personali-ties, cultures, socioeconomic lifestyles, and unit circumstances. The purpose of this fieldbook is to provide a resource of As a commissioner, your role is different from that ofpractical, usable information, simply stated and readily adapt- other Scouters.

Here is a formula for successful commissioners: Likewise, youth and adults must shower at differ- emotionally neglected, exposed to commiasioner form of violence or ent times.