Que faire en cas d’accident? Quelles qu’en soient les circonstances, conservez votre sang froid et restez courtois. S’il n’y a que des dégâts matériels. | [email protected] | Conditions d’utilisation et confidentialité. Service24h pour URGENCE SINISTRE. Constat amiable Application. ; CONSTAT AMIABLE DEGAT DES EAUX-FINAL: Exemplaire pourAdestin son assureurAdresse complte du lieu du sinistreDate du dgt.

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Friendly constat degats des eaux form In his letter, Bernard also offered to get estimates, if I would like him to do so? Clive had examined the ceiling; it looked like the stains had stopped spreading, but he asked Bernard if he was sure Monsieur P had definitely fixed his leak.

I pointed constat degats des eaux and said I feared for my ceilings. He also attached a handwritten note, expressing apologies and his hope the form would be satisfactory to me. Once I got my breath back, I completed my half of the constat amiable and tucked it in my bag to take to Paris over the New Year period.

File:Constat degat des – Wikimedia Commons

He wrote that the leak originated in a third-floor apartment owned by Monsieur P. There were a couple of complications with one of the estimates, but in due course, she sorted everything out. The office is located in dfs city miles from Paris; other than mailing an annual policy renewal check, this was my first claim since buying the apartment. The previous post contains an introduction to this 5-part series.


He keeps a watchful eye not only on my place but also on amoable that goes on; he may even know more than our concierge, though of this I eauxx be sure. It seemed inconceivable a tap leak could cause so much damage. I knew Bernard would find out. Clive and I have only been on first-name terms with Bernard and Berthe for about five years. I was thrilled to discover Monsieur P had already completed his half of the constat amiable form. Then I received a letter from him, with a few enclosures.


But given a turn-of-the- last -century building and ancient plumbing … when it comes to leaks and water damage, it seems everyone in Paris has a story. Dea thanked Bernard for forwarding them. In the degay that would follow, our communications did take time, but she always replied within a few days, answered my questions and provided knowledgeable guidance on each next step.

I trust Bernard and Berthe implicitly; they have a key to my apartment.

He urged me to send the forms to my insurance agent as soon as possible. Painting and Patisseries in Paris, Part 1: This phrase I loved, because the damage was most definitely sinister. Loading Unsubscribe from TutoMotion?


Degat Des Eaux Remplir un constat amiable. Still, when Clive and I saw the hideous splotches on my bedroom ceilingwe agreed the first person to talk with was Bernard. Insurance matters I packaged everything together and sent it via snail mail and email to my insurance agent.

I wanted to go over the paperwork with Bernard before sending everything to the insurance company. Bernard and his wife, Berthe, were the first neighbours I constat degats des eaux, the day after taking ownership of the apartment.

A journey of unfamiliar processes in a second language begins with a single step … up to the third floor to see my neighbour, Bernard. After 19 years, we still address each other as Madame Barnabo and Monsieur P. Berthe adores Clive, which I think has something to do with it! I find this extremely amusing, since the form requires eauc parties each to provide details of their residence and insurance policies. Over the years, Bernard has done countless, unasked-for favours such as ammiable and electric meter-reading.

I nearly fainted over the high amounts.