Sources: Dealogic; Preqin . Bain Capital filed for an IPO in June, but then Symantec agreed to buy Blue Coat for $ billion after seeing value in combining. warehouses that can stock product and deliver directly to consumers. .. Source: Dealogic as of January M&A Deal Transportation Statistics. Jan on the global stock markets as well as profitable Source: Capital IQ, Thomson , Dealogic, Merger Market, press research, Lazard, Roland Berger. Strategy &.

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I wonder what it means for those guys. Log in or register to post comments. They will be less of a trading house for some time, alright and their fixed income always sucked. My impression from the press is that wealth management is the jewel and that they’ll do anything to protect it, even if that means eventually spinning off the IB. You guys are fucking retarded.

The unit had brought the Swiss lender to its knees during the financial crisis, forcing UBS to retrench faster and earlier from the area than most of its rivals. Investment Bank Interview – Toughest Questions. Hoping Wells Fargo will overtake them as a BB in the near statistlcs. I guess that people will slowly turn in their notices over the next few weeks. You don’t need anywhere near summers.


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I wouldn’t be surprised to see more banks paring back services like this. Maybe brokerage, or changing something about the PWM situation in the Americas? On this board everyone’s perspective on wall street is framed entirely by applying and interviewing for y.

Sorry, you need to login or sign up in order to vote. I think UBS is a pretty decent place to be right now. UBS IB still has some very strong assets. He says UBS’s private bank alone could be worth billion billion francs, as much as twice the current market value of the whole company. When I used to do more violent things for a living, I used to say that you should look for “ground truth”.

Dec 22, – 3: Overall the senior leadership in the investment bank are very enthusiastic about the future and talk a lot about being a nimble advisory firm.

Maybe some Ds too. Would this give less risk to the incoming FT?

The investment bank dived to a third-quarter loss of m Swiss francs PSmdealkgic lower than the Sfr1. I’ve heard people say “we’re cheap”, “they would love to have us in other groups”, “we’re an investment”, etc.

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Macquarie and UBS are both 1s depending on your league tables. Not in a banking context, but just in any situation.


Dec 2, – I wouldn’t worry about being a UBS intern and all. Mr Ermotti is also looking to centralise further areas in information technology and other back-office functions, an endeavour that has been met with internal opposition from some divisional heads.

IBnutz – have you heard anything about the incoming 1st year analysts? All the bank stocks were up today, and UBS was down. Despite what a few of you have said, I believe the earnings announcement will be very telling with regards to the future of the IBD.

And even after all that, you’ll get a pitiful bonus. It’s just not a good approach to spend the next five months staring at your cell phone hoping you don’t get a call out of the blue if you’re a student, any more than you should be hiding in your cube hoping to not get a call from the 25th floor conference room or a visit from a pair of security guards to take you to said conference room.

I agree with your reasoning but they don’t really have any prop desks to massacre.