In an interview, a good answer to this question would point out that OOP languages such as Visual , C# and C++ are the core. Whether you’re a candidate or interviewer, these interview questions will help NET and C# developer with over fifteen years of experience in creating web. We’ve identified the niche as interview questions. interview questions Qirina has identified a number of sites similar to Here they are.

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Dotnet Knowledge Library

Windows OS creates a separate and isolated area for each running application. This is very difficult to do, and most of the problems faced at a software development shop are centered around poor communication. Generation 2 – This generation contains the long lived objects which are survived from multiple generations and are used till the process dotmetuncle running.

My concern with technical interviews is that, quite often, they tend intervie over emphasize what the interviewer knows, compared to what the interviewee knows.

Jonmichael – That book is actually sitting on my nightstand. That, and past track questioons in delivering real world apps that are used and liked by the users If you could have implemented a proof of concept in the time it took you to gather everyone up to discuss the potential solution, you just wasted everyone’s time.


Comment posted by somesh on Friday, July 11, 1: If IsPostBack is True, the page has been posted back.

This is where you will find most inteerview the junior engineers will not be able to identify another pattern. An assembly is a final deployable unit which can versioned and secured.

New Interview Questions for Senior Software Engineers – Scott Hanselman

Try to give yourself a month break and come to interview, I will make sure you look like a puppy dotntuncle developer after that with latest buzzwords RequiredFieldValidator — Checks if the control is not empty when the form is submitted. Friday, February 18, 8: Comment posted by sajini on Tuesday, February 26, 6: Friday, February 18, 4: Some employers test logical thinking of there candidates and ask for the future plans of the candidates.

Tell me about some of the components inteview like to use, and how the fit into a couple systems you’ve help build. Type Metadata – gives the complete information about the types which are available in the assembly like Class, Structure, Interface, Enum, and the methods, their parameters. The advantage of this is most people are at least vaguely familiar with it, and if they aren’t wuestions can give them the gist very fast.

Does she struggle to find any flaws at all without the aid of a debugger or an IDE plugin? Web services typically rely on XML-based protocols, messages, and interface descriptions for communication and access. All the managed languages are handled by a single runtime that is CLR. A user control cannot be added to the Toolbox in Visual Studio whereas custom controls can be added to the Toolbox in Visual Studio.


Well, I disagree with the idea “I don’t care about design patterns or buzzy words”. Comment posted by shafiq on Thursday, September 6, Comment posted by Suprotim Agarwal on Tuesday, October 30, 2: If they can’t do both, you find yourself digging for more questions, or that old “what’s wrong with this code” test and it’s easy to question their qualification.

Comment posted by xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on Wednesday, September 19, Does she have a sense of various schools of thought–say, mockist vs classical tests, or functional vs OO idioms, or declarative vs imperative style? Writing Honest Methods in C.

Interview Questions and Answers – Beginner Level (Part 1) | DotNetCurry

Comment posted by Bharat sharma on Monday, April 20, This is too much of efforts. Comment posted by vinayak on Thursday, June interviee, 2: I am having very useful article in. Saturday, February 19, 3: Comment posted by arun on Tuesday, November 6, Comment posted by dhiraj on Thursday, March 19, 4: