EuroPRevent provides ample room for sharing new research findings, networking and opening new educational channels. In particular, one session has been. Abstract Book EuroPRevent Amsterdam, Netherlands Volume 21 Issue 1_suppl, May Next Issue. Abstracts Presented on Thursday 8 May EuroPRevent will take place at the RAI Congress Centre in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, from May , The event promises to be.

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Be sure to send us abstracts of your most recent scientific work for presentation and mark the date firmly in your agenda.

ESC | Congresses | EuroPRevent | Scientific Programme

Its aim is to promote excellence in research, practice, education and policy in cardiovascular prevention and rehabilitation in Europe. Tue, 21 May – Fri, 24 May Grobbee Chair Local Organising Committee. Congress participants will have the opportunity to sign a statement initiated by the EHN for plain packaging on cigarettes. Sat, 2 Mar – Mon, 4 Mar He also singles out the featured lecture given by Dr Greg Thomas on the Horus study, which analysed by CT scanning mummified bodies of ancient history.

There will be consideration here of new CVD prevention guidelines in the USA, which appear to prioritise lowering cholesterol but without the precise targets apparent in European guidelines.

Sun, 12 May – Tue, 14 May Thu, 8 Mayeuropreent Thu, 21 Feb – Sat, 23 Feb The Ethica Award, the highest honour of the European cardiovascular There are more cardiovascular deaths in India and China than in all developed countries together. Mon, 15 Apr – Thu, 18 Apr EuroPRevent will also emphasise the “heart-lung interaction in preventive cardiology” in a featured scientific session. Skip to main content Sophia Antipolis, 15 April Some press releases from EuroPRevent will be issued under embargo from the congress, based on new euriprevent submitted to the congress as abstracts.


The dynamics of the disease patterns, the parallel persistence of traditional diseases of poverty, and the enormous impact on societies and health of individuals demand that we join forces to enter a new era of fight against the burden of cardiovascular disease on an unprecedented scale.

The scientific programme contains many new reports on a subject which is traditionally of great public interest. Thu, 23 May – Fri, 24 May Charing Cross International Symposium Other scientific sessions will highlight emerging themes in sports medicine, hypertension and exercise, and provide new evidence in established themes.

A global view on the prevention of cardiovascular disease

There will be a small press working area, but no ESC press staff on site. In particular, one europrrvent has been created so that delegates can specifically build their network. EACPR will be taking part in an initiative of the city of Amsterdam during the congress to highlight the risks of childhood obesity in local schools. One session of EuroPRevent will review targets for the prevention of non-communicable diseases and the WHO’s action plan for In the meantime, we encourage you to mark the EuroPRevent dates in your diary, and to contact the ESC press office for more information.


While all non-communicable diseases are “treatable”, rarely are they curable – although the majority of them are indisputably preventable. CambridgeCambridge United Kingdom. Did you want to tweet about our congress? As this year’s meeting europrevwnt emphasise the global approaches to prevention, joint sessions with local, European and International Associations, focusing on the various existing prevention and implementation methods and programmes will be organised.

Sat, 7 Sep – Wed, 11 Sep Thu, 24 Oct – Sat, 26 Oct Our host is the beautiful city of Amsterdam, one of the greatest cities in the world. Thu, 24 Jan – Sat, 26 Jan The theme of this year’s congress is “global cardiovascular health”, and chairman of the Congress Programme Committee, Professor Johan de Europrevfnt from AZ Maria Middelares Hospital in Euuroprevent, Belgium, insists that the known modifiable risk factors for cardiovascular and other non-communicable disease are no longer confined to the affluent countries of the West.

Sophia Antipolis, 15 April Sat, 10 May ,