INSTRUCTION MANUAL. E X K. T A. 2. automatic exposure control with internal measurement for the. EXAKTA RTL 50c 50b outside. Operating controls. an EXAKTA RTL and we wish you every success with your new camera. We would like to advise you, however, to read. Ibis instruction manual carefully. Exakta RTL Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Exakta RTL Manual.

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Exakta RTL If the film is rewound at too great a speed, static electricity will cause discharge marks to appear on the negatives. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle?

Exakta RTL 1000 Manuals

Never touch the glass surfaces of the lenses, the focusing screens or the eyepieces of the two Penta Prisms or the mirror with the fingers. Release the shutter by means of the right-hand release 5 or of the left-hand release Frame counter automatically returning to its initial position.

When film is loaded, set the film-type reminder disc 8 and the film-sensitivity reminder ring 15 as reminders of the type and sensitivity of the film that is in the camera.

It is also impossible to release the shutter in intermediate positions of the rapid-wind lever 9.

Changing the lens We would like to advise you, however, to read this instruction manual carefully before you start using your camera. For fitting and removing the Penta Prism see page Turn the shutter-speed setting knob 2 of the mechanism for low shutter speeds until the desired exposure time 2 sec. The use as a viewfinder unit is identical to that of the Penta Prism: For focusing trials and in order to check the depth of field stop the lens down by way of trial by means of the stop-down knob Preparations for use The Finder Hood 11 is opened by pressing on the knob In case of electronic flashguns turn the shutter-speed setting knob 10 until the flash symbol will be in line with the orange-colored triangle.


This automatic system, taking into account film sensitivity, exposure time, and aperture number, will always measure only the light being effective for the photograph to be taken, This method of measurement is of greatest importance above all when employing special-purpose lenses angle of view equal to the angle of measurement exqkta well as when working with extension-increasing accessories and filters the exposure factors are automatically included in the measurements.

When the depth of field is great, objects at widely varying distances from the camera will form exalta sharp image. Use the above address for a check, M. When taking vertical pictures with the Finder Hood it is possible to shoot at right angles. By doing this, the image produced by the infra-red rays will be brought into sharp focus in the film plane of the camera and consequently will esakta sharp in the negative.

Exakta RTL instruction manual, user guide

Synchronizing switch for electronic flash units and flashbulbs: This will help me to continue to host this site, buy new manuals, and pay their shipping costs. Select the desired aperture number by turning the aperture-setting ring It is highly inadvisable to attempt to interfere with the mechanism of the camera; repairs should be undertaken only by authorized servicing agencies.


ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Swing the release lock 4 to the stop on the right marking dots ore staggered: When using infra-red film, first focus the image in the view-finder system normally, then note the distance indicated by the orange-colored triangle either in feet or in meters or the infinity symboland turn the focusing ring to set this distance against the orange-colored dot, the so-called infra-red setting mark which is to the right of the normal setting mark.

Open the camera back In case of all the longer exposure times and of exposures taken by means of the delayed-action release the lens is also fully opened only after exposure.

Care of the camera and lenses Always keep the camera in its ever-ready case with the lens or lens cap and viewfinder unit in position; alternatively it may be kept wrapped in a fluff-free cloth.

Then turn the lens to the left until the orange-colored dots 12 and 13 ore in line. This, of course, will lead to unsatisfactory results.

The figures from 2 to represent fractions of seconds e.