FS2Crew PMDG NGX “Button Control” Tutorial. Flight The following is a very basic guide designed to help new FS2Crew NGX users. FS2Crew PMDG NGX “Voice Control” Tutorial Flight The following is a very basic guide designed to help new FS2Crew NGX users make . Just to be sure: For flows, checklists, etc I can use the manual for the Airbus X #pageid.

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FS2Crew: Aerosoft Airbus Pro Manuals? – FS2CREW: GENERAL FORUM – The AVSIM Community

Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Well, I am glad to say that Bryan “took the hint”, and after what has been clearly a great deal of effort, he has produced an ATR 72 version of FS2Crew that surpasses the original for the PMDGreviewed hereand has been a pleasure to work with. Once landed, there’s more work to do cleaning up the aircraft on the way to the parking spot, and then shutting everything down.

Donate to our annual general fund. There is, unlike the PMDGno clicking on the screen, and the whole process is much more smooth and natural.

FSX FS2Crew NGX 737 PMDG Mini Tutorial

We reset this goal every new year for the following year’s goal. Now you’re ready for take-off. This differs in format from the original manual for the product. FS2Crew simulates all those people that a real-life pilot normally interacts with.

The right engine is started, in Hotel mode engine running but propeller not turningso that the aircraft is providing its own power. Share on LinkedIn Share. However, a word of warning. You’ll also be doing the Final Cockpit Preparation Checklist at this time.


This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. But don’t imagine he’ll do most of the work while you gaze out of the window.

I had to keep the Airbus X file name to prevent links from becoming broken if that makes sense. So that’s Gs2crew for a flight from start-to-finish.

Pros adding realism to the sim. Like all such checklists, you respond to your FO by pressing one of two keys that you’ve already assigned in advance. When janual buy a very well simulated aircraft like the Majestic Dash 8 Q FS2Crew is a must have to get deeper into that simulation and get the feeling of realy controling an airplane with everything that comes with it.

There are all sorts of interactions at this point, as manjal call out the various stages of engine ignition. The display will give you a notification when an update is available.

Already have an account? You then tell the Company Office that fw2crew are ready to load passengers. There is no connection between the producer and the reviewer, and we feel this review is unbiased and truly reflects the performance of the product in the simming environment. Taxing and lining up involves more checklists, that are handled in the same way.

You can actually “sign” this in the appropriate spot, assuming that you set up your name in the Flight 1 ATR Configuration Manager! Installation is easy and after installation you can enable the voice control. And when you like coffee or lunch, just ask the crew and they will serve it to you. When you’re in the cruise, you can call for a cup of coffee, and perhaps enjoy a bit of canned chit-chat with your fellow pilot.


FS2Crew Majestic Dash 8 Q400 Voice control

Just as the Flight 1 ATR is a difficult but rewarding aircraft to fly, likewise its FS2Crew companion is equally rewarding but difficult. File Library – What’s New. If you have never used the plane before, make sure you can fly it properly, including switching all the switches, before touching FS2Crew. All checklists and flows the Captain and FO should do are given in the manual.

Going through the checklists you have to know where every button can be found. Descent and the approach brings more checklists and things to do. At that moment the FS2Crew Majestic Dash 8 Q Voice Control was available, so I decided to use that at the same time to do a review on this piece of software as well.

In a short while you’ll be informed that all passengers are loaded, and you’re ready for the right engine to start turning its propeller, and to start the left engine.

There are the flight attendants who do such things as tell you when the cabin is ready and bring you cups of coffee. You can place it where ever you like. Share on Facebook Share. Just scroll through the options with the arrows next to the display. And for people who have tried the Flight 1 ATR, but perhaps found it too complex, here is a way to get someone into the right-hand-seat mmanual help you out with the chores, and maybe you’ll re-discover the joys of mxnual beautiful aircraft.