HealthSouth got involved in a corporate accounting scandal in which its founder, CEO, and chairman, Richard M. Scrushy was criminated of. Auditors have uncovered hundreds of millions of dollars in previously unreported accounting fraud at HealthSouth, the embattled chain of. Timeline of Accounting Scandal at HealthSouth. Compiled by washingtonpost. com staff. Thursday, September 30, ; PM. HealthSouth, the largest U.S.

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Please improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources. As auditors like to say, if you audit the balance sheet to death, the income statement is going to fall out. Scrushy was criminated of directing company employees to falsely report grossly exaggerated company earnings in order to meet stockholder expectations.

This was nothing more than a political prosecution, with Karl Rove supposedly involved, to get the governor of Alabama and to punish Scrushy for not being convicted for his real crimes. HealthSouth’s ” H ” logo in black.

HealthSouth, Inc.: A Case of Corporate Fraud

After that, share prices of Healthsouth became extremely unstable. Notify me of new posts via email. The only key employee who denied knowing anything about it was Scrushy. The fraud continued for seven years.

HealthSouth, Inc.: A Case of Corporate Fraud | The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

When there is no ethical tone at the top management of a company or there is a deviation from ethical standards, it should serve as a red flag to other units of the scanndal, to auditors, and the general public that there is a likelihood for the occurrence of fraud.


As a result, the sfandal began to pay attention to the huge difference between the number of actual and reported profit of Healthsouth.

HealthSouth was accused by the U. This site uses cookies. Eventually, though, Scrushy promised more than the company could deliver, according to Beam. Retrieved January 25,from marketwatch.

Encompass Health – Wikipedia

Following the Enron scandal, criminal investigators started looking at accounting practices in other companies. A downturn was happened in the market inlargely influenced by a Medicare crackdown on fraud. I have a list of questions, which I hope might interest you.

Princess Qajar was declared a symbol of beauty in Persia and was coveted by many men. There has been people who been hurt and they have lied and conspire and stole people medical files and lied in court just to cover up the truth instead of scadal responsibility.

On May 15,the company completed its goal of once again becoming a current filer with the SEC when it filed its first quarter financial result. Retrieved Jul 26, However, HealthSouth insisted that it would not impact on them. Had Scrushy or any of his CFOs thoroughly thought about the long-term implications and consequences for themselves, their company, and the public, the HealthSouth fraud may never have occurred.

What does it look like on the balance sheet? As soon as he could, he sold some stock and paid cash for a Mercedes. The company opened its first facility in Little Rock, Arkansas and one in Birmingham later that heakthsouth.

It was also announced that the new surgery center company would remain headquartered in Birmingham. He was declared not guilty. In the company announced it would, along with Oracle Corporationbuild the world’s first all-digital hospital on its corporate campus.


What he WAS convicted of was purely contrived by the government. For further information contact: Retrieved Jul 31, HealthSouth was involved in a corporate accounting scandal in which its founderchairmanand chief executive officerRichard M.

Throughout the mids, HealthSouth expanded rapidly through mergers and acquisitions. Many lessons can be learned from the accounting scandal at HealthSouth. It ceased operations in In the beginning of the company adopted the slogan ” The Healthcare Company of the 21st Century “. You people have I have been hoodwinked. It is also easy to see the ethical implications of the HealthSouth fraud when looking at it through a Utilitarian framework.

SEC Charges HealthSouth Corp. CEO Richard Scrushy With $1.4 Billion Accounting Fraud

healtjsouth Beam said he was watching the NBC Nightly News on March 19,when the network led with news of the alleged scandal.

Beam now hated going to work. By doing so, the company restated earnings from to This accpunting was last edited on 20 Septemberat I was intimidated by Richard. When you get a bill or statement for a doctor visit, he noted, you see right away what was billed and what the insurance company is paying. They will stop at nothing!

The next day civil actions were commenced against Accunting and HealthSouth. How they did it. But I stand here before you today telling you that I was a coward.