Introduction to E-Stim: Electrosex! Adult | Episode aired 2 July · Previous · All Episodes () · Next · Add a Plot». Stars: Fivestar, Ingrid Mouth · Edit. Cast. Learn the shocking and empowering secrets behind Electrostimulation (E-Stim) play, including electrified skin pads and insertable toys like. An introduction to how to present estim to your female partner. Personally, I think it is even easier for women to try electro sex than it is for men. The problem .

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When used as suggested, electro-stim is safer than many other forms of erotic play. Password Please enter an valid password. When we held the 9V to our tongue, about mA was flowing between the terminals.

Introduction to Electro-Sex | Me & Mrs Jones

Your email address will not be published. TENS is the abbreviation for Trans-dermal Electrical Nerve Stimulation, meaning stimulating the nerves by means intrlduction electrical impulse through the skin. The Vaginal Plug is what we call a ‘penetrative’ Electrode. Any issues related to this site will be discreetly handled. We want all of your purchases to fit and look great.

Introduction to Electrosex Electrosluts 2012 Hydii May Lesbian Anal, Slave

Please refer to the size charts provided for all of our apparel to avoid ordering an incorrect size. We can count on that one. An added bit of advice is to let her run the controls for herself at first.

Please fill out the below form and one of our customer service agents will be in touch, If you are enquiring about an existing order, please make sure you include the order number in the details.

And because of the design of the Vaginal Plug, that big round opening in the base of the plug leaves the clitoris exposed for all sorts of manual, oral, or vibratory fun! All returns must have all original tags and elecrtosex to be accepted. Also you may view past orders and benefit from the ease of re-ordering your favourite products. E-Stim Intro There are many roads leading to erotic pleasure and many of us are too familiar with the standard methods.


If you have received a faulty upon arrival item from Our Essentials lubes, massage products, body paints, cleaning and grooming products, condoms, sex flectrosex cleaners or sexual aides please email us at info meandmrsjones. Confirm Password Please inform valid password.

Date of birth Day 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Month Febuary March April May June July August September October November December Introoduction Please inform date of birth. Don’t have an account? That answer to that will be known when we have a networked electro-sex portal. Enter a combination of at least eight characters with 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase and 1 number.

The Electrodes listed are all fairly easy to use and great for someone’s first time Electro Sex experience. When I took home my first set of Estim toys, I had the bonus of working here. If you need to return or exchange an item, you can print a return label slectrosex your previous orders list. Please inform required fields. Erotic Electro Stimulation is fun.

In the past decade or so, new companies have emerged offering a variety of devices and gear and the market for these devices seems to be growing year after year, expanding well beyond the BDSM crowd.

Do you have an addictive personality? Password Please inform valid password Passwords don’t match. Jones users, and conforms to Internet privacy standards.

Jones without any liability to tto if any of the products in your order are unavailable, or there were any errors in price or product description on the Website at the time of placing your order, or due to technical errors in processing your order.

I know a lot of people are concerned about internal stimulation vs clitoral stimulation. You can choose the sensation by adjusting the intensity of the frequency on the toy or device. Items may only be returned within 14 days of receipt.


Please read these Terms carefully. You will receive your exchanged item within approximately 10 days of the acceptance of your exchange.

I view addiction from a broad psychological tendency more than a specific substance or practice. Please be aware that if the item has shipped, the order cannot be cancelled and our refund and return policy applies. Now, if she has expressed a curiosity to explore this type of sexual stimulation, comes the fun part! We always do our best to ensure that the items we ship to you are in top condition. It creates a push-pull kind of sensation that not only simulates the in-and-out sensation of these methods, but there is stimulation to the clitoral nerve bundle from the inside as well as through the perineum and anus.

How do I know what size I am in apparel? Now, keeping the above in mind, some ways to introduce the topic of Estim to your boudoir play are as follows: Confirm Password Please inform valid password Passwords don’t match. Confirm e-mail Please inform a valid email Email addresses don’t match.

What do I do? When you enter sensitive information such as credit card numbers on our website, we encrypt that information using secure socket layer technology SSL. Please enter an valid email address. You will receive an email from us when your parcel ships with an estimated time of delivery and as well as details to track and trace your parcel. Some orders will arrive in multiple parcels. Please inform date of birth.

Another thing to keep in mind are any health issues your partner may have. How do I know that my payment went through? They were sold to cure disease and later added to a growing list of quack medical devices.