Jr xp Manual – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Manual for jr xp transmitter. Get the JR XP Manual Cover – Instructions Manuals. Description. THE AIRCRAFT SYSTEM AIRPLANE MODE ULTIMATE HELICOPTER SYSTEM. RC Radios, Transmitters, Receivers, Servos, gyros – JR XP thier own product. the manual talks allot about loosing sync and also the.

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Different from the control throw manial above, adjusting end points requires that you adjust the throw of both the left elevator servo and right rudder servo ruddervators separately, but in equal amounts.

Touch the CH button until the cursor moves to SW:. It usually happens in a short period of time, but it is slow enough so that Ch2 moves before Ch6. Make sure both control surfaces are moving in the proper direction in relationship to the transmitter sticks.


End point adjustments now adjust the left and right ruddervators separately. I too fly on module based conversions J.

Then go back to the differential function and increase it until the desired amount of downward throw is achieved. The most efficient way to turn is by using the wing, not the elevator.

This should inhibit programmable point-1 and the letters INH should appear. To smooth out the pitch up tendency when dropping flaps for landing, use the multi-point programmable mixing msnual down elevator in landing mode.

Touch the Clear button. Sub trim allows you to electronically center all of your control surfaces. If mankal have a V-tail, perform the V-tail mixing at the end of this article first. To reverse the servo, touch the CH button x8103 the cursor moves to the appropriate servo. Futaba next, with the other manufactures later.


Flaps will be covered later. If the aircraft begins to yaw or roll, or if it pitches up or down, you may wish to experiment with modifying the end point adjustments to compensate for that pitching motion. Touch the CH key to move the cursor from V-tail to dual-flap. The amount of elevator deflection will slowly decrease. This smoothes out the pitch up tendency when flaps are dropped for landing.

Pull the flap stick all the way to the bottom. Touch the CH button until mankal cursor appears beside Rate:. Please use special caution For operation of your XP To set up the flaps for landing and before performing the next step push this switch towards the back of the radio.

All indications are actual Send a private message to snuts. This article also assumes that you own an XP, have the manual handy and are familiar with the eight programming buttons across the face of the radio. Whether the resolution is fine or course, the total amount of trim adjustment remains the same approximately 15 degrees each way from center. The second is to re-label the servo to receiver connection diagrams found on page, and to the following:. Insert the amount of rudder mix recommended in the instructions for your model.

Is this true for someone in my position?

Servo Sync rearranges the order that the channels get signals so that, in this case, if you were using Flapperons, Ch2 would get the signal and then Ch6, before any of the other channels. Touch the up or down button until [REV.



In the alternative, you can adjust the amount of aileron throw by using the dual rate function. Send a private message to grizzly If you disagree with my methods, or have found one that is better, please let me know what they are for use in a future article. One has a 72Mhz Synthesizer Module and one has a Spektrum 2. The rudder mix can now be turned on and off by the switch in the back, right hand corner of the radio.

The following are step-by step instructions for programming the JR radio

The cursor should move from beside the letter D to the letter U on the screen. As simple as I can make it.

When you are using programs Like Flapperons, you are mixing two channels so that they both respond to either the Aileron stick or the Flap switch.

At this stage, only concern yourself with the amount of up deflection of the ailerons. Touch Clear to inhibit.

Besides Model Match, the other significant difference between Native 2. Move the launch switch to the low position, and the cursor should automatically appear beside the letter D. Perform the same function mahual the rudder. Again, move the aileron stick all the way to the stop.