Kadlubeks Kamera Katalog – Book on Subminiature cameras. : Kadlubeks Kamera Katalog () by Günther; Hillebrand, Rudolf Kadlubek and a great selection of similar New, Used and. Buy Kadlubeks Kamera-Katalog by (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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A pretty comprehensive book about Argus and accessories as well as the history of the company. Also for kwtalog lot of information in two very slim volumes the two Robert White books: For the sort of book one likes to browse through in search of old gems one might actually want, the latest edition of McKeown’s Price Guide to Antique and Classic Cameras is fun, and tends to eventually correct errors from a lot of reader feedback.

An Argus A is said in the caption to be an A2. Opera Bouffe In Drei Akten.

Expressionismus Aus Den Bergen: Guido Argentini, Private Rooms: Replay Gemalde Online. Die Kathedrale Von Reims. Again, the prices are much higher than most things go for on eBay.


“Current” authoritative references?

They’re treasure troves of information about the cameras and their accessories, even some, now, very obscure ones. As far as I am aware the perfectly accurate source has not yet been written so my advice is ktalog get a good general introduction and then delve deeper in those areas of particular interest.

Lily S Garden Container Architecture PDF complete. Read National Geographic Der Kalender The truth is that VEB Pentacon did not let a good design go to waste, and changed the mount to Kahalog and some other details from the original Exakta design to make the VLC. If you are a user of vintage cameras, both of his books are like a candy store.

Kadlubeks Kamera Katalog – Books on Subminiature Photography

Read Cats Online. For the sort of cameras most of us would only dream of, there are a pair of “coffee-table books” that are superb. Download Playboy – The Complete Centerfolds.

JDMvWDec 8, Das Deutsche Silber-Besteck Complete Works Kameda. Rare will always be in demand, and will command the top dollar, only because demand outstrips supply.


“Current” authoritative references? | Photography Forums

I’m not sure why there seems to be a fashion to denigrate poor old Ivor Matanle. Baukultur Als Erfolgsfaktor Jamera. Friedensreich Hundertwasser – Werkverzeichnis.

Schiften Ist Kein Hexenwerk. Bilder PDF complete. It may still be available. Landscapes PDF Download.

Download Starke Frauen Im Osten. Well worth having, so long as you remain a little skeptical. Download Musik Gedeutet Und Gewertet. I am aware of and have a copy of Ivor Matanle’s kadlubeka on Classic Cameras. Gilgamesch, Wohin Laufst Du?

Ausgesuchte Essays Und Erzahlungen. Read Ideal City – Invisible Cities: Mark– You’re right about a major Argus error in “The Camera”: They are of variable quality, but very handy if you can’t remember some detail.