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It can be seen at http: But This problem is not from software.

The Ethernet PHYs were either judged by a brief overview of their data sheets or by additional basic hardware communication tests basic hardware communication tests are ks821 in the table. PDF The uTasker is free for educatational and other non-commercial work – send simple application if interested in using or evaluating – found here: There is a SAM7X running on-line at: The following requirements defined by IEEE Enhanced link detection requires proper PHY address configuration.

We suspect in the modification that you strapped pin 9 and pin 22 together but also cut pin David, I wonder whether asking Olimex might result in an explanation? Ok, I finally found something: The PHYs must not modify the preamble length.


I’ve received no reply from Olimex unfortunately. If none of these possibilities can be used, the PHY address should be configured to logical port number plus 1although ddatasheet features e. I use uip 1.

AT91SAM | Ethernet PHY Interface KS with SAM – Urgent Query

X X X X 13 1 1 1 1 no no 16 0 0 0 provisionally provisionally provisionally provisionally required required provisionally provisionally PHY addr. From the software point of view the PHYs are basically IEEE compatible and so basic functions all work the same and the programming uses the same registers.

Power consumption should be as low as possible. X 1 no 0 ?

As you know are the pins of the X high on reset. Hi Mark, I wondered if you have few minutes to check if theses 2 pins are not connected together on your Olimex board. Manual TX Shift compensation: I made a small test code to check EMAC.

Therefore I will leave the pin open. With or withour cross cable?

I’ll ket you know about this strange issue, Thanks again for your ks87721. Only for single port devices, because only one PHY address can be used. Who is online Users browsing this forum: The phase offset is compensated inside the ESC either manually by configuration or automatic: Other than that, no problems.


Welcome to AT91SAM Community Discussions

The other devices have kx8721 been tested. Thank you for your interest. Enhanced Link Detection is generally recommended because additional faults are detected and link loss reaction time is improved. The signal polarity is active low or configurable for some ESCs.

The Auto TX Shift feature compensates these phase shift variations, as long ,s8721 the phase shift is at least constant while the link is up. I think the pull-down resistors helps to setup the straping options properly, I don’t know Post ethernet phy on sam7x This still shows the connection to pin I have en example: September 23, ,