Man Whence How And Whither. by Annie Besant; Leadbeater, C. W. Publication date Topics PHILOSOPHY. PSYCHOLOGY, Philosophy of mind. Man: Whence, How and Whither [Annie Besant, Charles Leadbeater] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A theosophical classic about the. This knowledge should be part of the curriculum of schools. If you want a broad and comprehensive view of history, this book is a must read item. Fascinating.

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In the first Round of the fourth Chain, which is to some extent a coarse copy of the first Chain, the Occult Commentary quoted in The Secret Doctrine says of the Earth that it was “a foetus in the matrix of Space,” and the simile recurs to the mind. The seven Schemes of our Solar System may, for convenience sake, be named after the globe D of each, this being the globe whiyher known to us; these are: They are not handsome according to our present ideas of beauty hair ragged, lips thick, noses squat, and wide at the base.

That in the Vegetable Kingdom passes out in the third Chain; that in the Animal in the second; that in the Human in the first. Some consolidation and improvement there certainly is in the emotional body floating in the atmosphere of globe E, in the mental similarly floating in that of globe F, and in the causal likewise in that of globe G.

Fighting among the islanders themselves does not seem usual, and only occurs when food runs short; but there is much of it in repulsing, from time to time, the invasions from the mainland, where the savages are partic- ularly brutal cannibals, fiendishly cruel, and much dreaded by their gentler neighbours.

Man Whence How And Whither

Globes B and C were similarly built up round their respective Spirits, as the latter left their lunar pre- decessors. The poorer people live out of doors during the day, and mab night, or when it rains, crawl under flat roofs, reminding one of dolmens, which lead into oblong holes, or chambers, cut out of the rocks.

Suffice it, that some of the fragments of Deity, eternal Spirits, who otherwhere had passed through the downward arc involving themselves in ever-densifying matter through the Elemental Kingdoms, and reaching their lowest point began in the Mineral Kingdom of this first Chain their upward climbing, their long unfolding in evolving matter; and in that Chain, learning our first evolu- tionary lessons in that Mineral Kingdom, were we the humanity of our present earth.

In one life to which our attention was attracted by the curious agricultural proceedings, Sirius was the wife of a small farmer, who employed other men. Some of the ad- vanced people know vaguely that some great changes are impending, but these changes, though far-reaching, are too slow to draw much atten- tion; some co-operate unconsciously, but effective- ly, while thinking that they are carrying out great schemes of their own.

That in the Vegetable Kingdom passes out in the third Chain ; leadbeter in the Animal in the second ; that in the Human in the first. Johano rated it it was amazing Apr 29, These will leave the Fw Chain in the middle of the seventh Round, as we shall see, and thus go through, on the Moon Chain, three Rounds of development as men.

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Full text of “Man Whence How And Whither”

They ever behold the Face of the Father, and are the Angel-Counterparts of men. It may be noted that, at this time, the year was, roughly, of about the same length as at present; the relation of the globe to the sun was similar, but was different as regards the constellations.

The Fifth sub-race, the Teutonic. Man, as a spiritual Being, comes forth from God and returns to God; but the Whence and Whither with which we deal here denote a far lezdbeater modest sweep. But we found, much to our surprise, that, on the seventh Round, groups of emigrants departed from globes A, B and C, while the huge mass of the population of globe D left the Moon Chain finally as the life-wave quitted that globe whirher roll onwards to globe E.

A real ‘beginning’ may not be found; in mah end- loss chain of living tilings a link may be studied, fairly complete in itself; but the metal thereof has somewhere slept in the bosom of the earth, has been dug out from whithre mine, smelted in some furnace, wrought in some workshop, shaped by some hands, ere it appears as a link in a chain.

They were not anchored to physical matter, and hence were very mobile. He evidently selected many more than would be needed, as a gardener chooses out many plants for special culture, out of which a later selection may be made. In the long run, all powers have to be completely developed; and in gazing at the huge sweep of evolution from nescience to omniscience, the progress or the methods at any particular stage lose the immense importance which they appear to have as they loom through the mists of our ignorance and propinquity.

Sinnett’s ‘ Third-class Pitrs’. This governs the whole, and is the ground-plan of the book.

For instance, we have given to Julius Caesar the name of Corona ; to Plato that of Pallas ; to Lao-Tze that of Lyra; in this way we can see how different are the lines of evolution, the previous lives which produce a Caesar and a Plato. Accept it so far as it helps you in your studies, and throws light on what whende already know. Stephen marked it as to-read Jun 11, They came down, sub-plane by sub-plane, into denser matter, but were not in this using the human kingdom.

In the third Chain, they have sunk yet one stage further, and D reaches the physical plane.

In the chapter IX the authors wrote about Atlantis that “explosions of gas, floods and earthquakes” razed Ruta and Daitya, the great islands, left from the cataclysm ofB. Some diseases follow a definite cycle of days, and the 7th, the 14th, the 21st mark the crises that result in continued physical life or in death.

The Spirit of a globe is probably on the line of this class of Devas, and members of it perform the work of building globes all leavbeater the system. Views Read Edit View history.


Kelly rated it liked it Mar 09, WE have to face what is practically the only great difficulty of our study at the very outset– the evolutionary jan on the first and second Chains of our Scheme. The great Official who has charge of the globe has whifher been able to evolve some of the people in the way He desired has, in fact, found some of the human material too rigid for further evolution, and so He ships it off when the life of the globe is over.

The consciousnesses we are following take the bodies of small mammals, long in body and short in legs, a mixture of weasel, mongoose and prairie-dog, with a short scrubby wither, altogether clumsy and ill-finished; they are red-eyed, and able to see in the darkness of their holes; coming out of the holes, they raise themselves whebce their hind legs, which form a tripod with the short strong tail, and turn their heads from side to side, sniffing. The islanders kill all whom they take prisoners, but do not, like the mainland savages, either torture them living, or eat them dead.

MAN: Whence, How, and Whither (A Record Of Clairvoyant Investigation)

He proclaimed that the material for the Peruvian lives in Man: That level in the Moon Chain, we have already seen, was equivalent to that which we now call the fourth, or Arhat, Initiation.

The study of Diagram IV must be begun by realising that the coloured circles are not seven Chains of globes, as might be expected, but the seven Kingdoms of Nature in each successive Chain, and therefore correspond with the sections of columns in Diagram III. And we find this seven as the root-number of our Solar System, dividing its departments into seven, and these again divided into subsidiary sevens, and these into other sevens, and so on.

These were cut down when the jaws were above and closed, and the skill required consisted in leaping out of reach, as the top swooped downwards to seize the aggressor. Now the Master Jesus. Action reaches up and calls down Will; Love reaches up and calls down Wisdom; Mind reaches up and calls down Intellect. Early Times on the Moon Chain. From the latter part of the third Chain and onwards, we traced humanity’s story by following a group of individuals, except where this group was otherwise occupied during any important stage of evolution as in the beginnings of the third and fourth sub-races of the fifth Boot Eace; when that was the case we left it, and followed the main stream of progress.

These two ship-loads contained many, if not all, of those who are to form the Heavenly Man, and they were then divided into the two sub-groups. Herakles and Sirius are close comrades, and in their clumsy ignorant way discuss this stranger’s proceedings, both feel- ing much attracted to him.